Ways to work with me

One on one Or couples coaching - 6 month Commitment

Who I work with

You are single or in relationship, and want to work with your sex and intimacy. You may have blocks with sex, trouble accessing your sex desire, you struggle with a low sex drive, your relationship is loving but lacks chemistry, you struggle feeling your body, struggle feeling pleasure, you struggle knowing and asking for what you want in bed, you have shame around your desire, around sexuality, you have societal conditioning around sex that you want to examine, you want to explore desires that make you uncomfortable or are unfamiliar, you want to learn more about how to incorporate kink, you may not know exactly what you want but you know there’s something better available, you want the kind of sex that feels out of this world and changes your life.

Why work with me?

I have experienced most things listed in the why you section and more and I found my way into a fuller, more pleasurable relationship with my body and sexuality. I have been studying embodiment and the yoga of sexuality and intimacy with John Wineland for years, ontological (way of being) coaching and the healing power of kink. My passion is to support and guide you on your own personal journey to a better sex life, to more intimacy, to more pleasure, more expression, more desire, more power, more love, and more freedom. I will curate our sessions based upon what you want to create for yourself and your life.

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