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Kari Kinkead

Kari is a sex and intimacy embodiment coach. She works with singles, couples, and groups to ultimately create the most pleasure filled, healing, mind blowing, cosmic, warm loving, freaky dirty sex life of their dreams. 

A student of embodiment (breath sound and movement), sexual yoga, kink, and ontological coaching, she also brings her devotion to and scientific knowledge of the physical body and levels of consciousness, from having spent 18+ years as a nurse and anesthesia provider. She views sex and sexual energy as sacred and healing, a way to experience the divine and more of yourself.

Kari works with clients on being in the body in day to day life, navigating relationship challenges, harnessing the power of desire, and unshaming and healing sexual struggles, all in order to unlock and create more passion and freedom in the bedroom that ripples out to more passion and freedom in all areas of their life.

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