Pleasure is your right, your birthright.

The root of desire is pure.

Yes and no are necessary and you cannot have one without the other.

The body is wise.

You have inner knowingYou know what you need, it may be buried under a lot of stories or experiences, or it may just be an inkling, but you know.

You are whole, you are not broken.
There are physiological and anatomical conditions and therapeutic issues that may necessitate working with a licensed professional. I am not a certified therapist or physician and would refer you to a work with a specialist in addition to our sessions if those issues arise. However, I do believe a lot of work can be done in the yogic and coaching realm around sexuality that can supplement those treatment modalities.

Your relationship to sex is a direct reflection of your relationship to life.
The blocks that are showing up in the bedroom, are also showing up elsewhere in your life. Do you struggle to receive in bed? You struggle to receive in life. Does your partner want you to be in your power and take what you want more? Life wants the same from you. Sex can be a fun and powerful way to work with those blocks and see the ripple effects in other areas of your life.

Sex is a way is a way to access the divine, God, goddess, source, and experience the deepest union.