What is embodiment?

Embodiment is fully inhabiting and feeling your physical body. This includes sensations, as in hot and cold, as well as feelings, such as joy or grief. We spend the majority of time in our heads, living in the past or the future, or the thought about an experience, rather than being in the experience, in our body, in that moment. Embodiment work integrates your physical and emotional body in the truth of the moment inviting. Bringing your sensations and feelings into your sex will drastically increase your pleasure and connection.

Do I need to have done this before?

No, you do not need to have done this before. All are welcome, any experience level.

Do I need to be in partnership to work on my relationship with sexuality and intimacy?

Big no! Deep work can be done solo, learning more about yourself so that when you enter partnership you can communicate your desires and have already worked to create intimacy with yourself.

Why sex? Does this have to be about sex?

This doesn’t have to be about sex. It can be an exploration of emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, and mental awareness, all components that contribute to sexual intimacy. Sexual energy is life force energy, it’s generative and creative. It is a potent playground for exploring what life is calling for more of from you. Does your lover want more of your dark commanding energy? The world wants more too. Does your lover ask you to surrender deeper and let them see more of your heart? The world is longing for more of your heart. Working with bringing more of yourself into your sexual and intimate interactions will bring more of you into your life.

What is the structure of a session?

Sessions include discussion around what you want to create, coaching and verbal exercises, as well as practices that bring you into the body, add movement, breath, pleasure, and sound. If participating with a partner you may do eye gazing, breathing, polarity practices, and verbal exercises. Each session is organic and will be created depending upon where you are currently and what you are wanting to create.

I have some more questions, can we talk more?

Yes. Let’s hop on a discovery call and see if working together would be a good fit. I have a wide network of colleagues and I am committed to helping you find the right person to work with to create the life you want.

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